antiphrasis antiphrasis
 an-tif'-ra-sis from Gk. antiphrazein, “to express
by antithesis or negation”
dictio contrarium significans
the broad floute

Irony of one word, often derisively through patent contradiction. Also, a synonym for paralipsis (Quintilian).
  Referring to a tall person: "Now there's a midget for you"
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  Sources: Quintilian 9.2.47-48; Bede 615-16; Susenbrotus (1540) 12, 16-17; Sherry (1550) 46 ("antiphrasis," "dictio contrarium significans"); Peacham (1577) C4v; Putt. (1589) 201 ("antiphrasis," "the broad floute"); Day 1599 80

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