a-pof'-a-sis Gk. "denial"
expedicion, expedition, quick dispatch

The rejection of several reasons why a thing should or should not be done and affirming a single one, considered most valid.
  Seeing that this land was mine, you must show that either you did possess it, being empty, or made it your own by use, or purchase, or else that it came to you by inheritance. You could not possess it empty when I was in possession. Also, you cannot make it your by use or custom. You have no deed to prove your purchase of it; I being alive it could not descend upon you by inheritance. It follows then that you would put me from my own land before I am dead. —John Smith
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  Sources: Sherry (1550) 54 ("apophasis," "expeditio," "expedicion") ; Smith ("expeditio" "expedition" "quick dispatch") 250-51

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