asyndeton asyndeton
 a-syn'-de-ton from Gk. a and sundeton “bound together with”
Also sp. asindeton
brachiepia, articulus,
dissolutio, dissolutum, dialyton
loose language

The omission of conjunctions between clauses, often resulting in a hurried rhythm or vehement effect.
  Veni, vidi, vici (Caesar: "I came; I saw; I conquered")
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  Sources: Ad Herennium 4.30.41; Quintilian 9.3.53-54 ("acervatio"); Isidore 1.36.20; Sherry (1550) 59 ("asindeton," "dissolutio"); Peacham (1577) G4r, I4r; Putt. (1589) 185 ("asyndeton," "the loose language"); Day 1599 83; Smith 182-84 ("dialyton" "asyndeton")

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