cacemphaton cacemphaton
 ka-kem'-fa-ton Gk. “ill-sounding”
aischrologia (aeschrologia, aschrologia)
cacophonia, scurra, turpiloquum, turpis loquutio

An expression that is deliberately either foul (such as crude language) or ill-sounding (such as from excessive alliteration).
Quintilian gives the example of using the nominative form of intercapedinis ("interruption"), intercapedo, since its last two syllables (-pedo) could sound like a separate, far different Latin word (pedo, "to break wind")
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  Sources: Quintilian 8.3.44-47; Susenbrotus (1540) 36; Sherry (1550) 34 ("aschrologia," "turpis loquutio")

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