epanodos  epanodos
 e-pan'-o-dos   from Gk. ep, "upon," ana, "again," and odos, "way"
Also sp. epanadis, epanodis
reditus ad propositum, regressio
the figure of retire, regression
  1. Repeating the main terms of an argument in the course of presenting it.
  2. Returning to the main theme after a digression
  3. Returning to and providing additional detail for items mentioned previously (often using parallelism).
Puttenham provides this example of epanodos:

Love, hope, and death, do stir in me such strife,
As never man but I led such a life:
For burning love doth wound my heart to death:
And when death comes at call of inward grief,
Cold lingering hope doth feed my fainting breath:
Against my will, and yields my wound relief,
So that I live, and yet my life is such:
As never death could grieve me half so much

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