epizeuxis epizeuxis
 e-pi-zook'-sis from Gk. epi, "upon" and zeugnunai, "to yoke"
geminatio, iteratio, conduplicatio, subjunctio
the underlay or the coocko-spel, iteration

Repetition of words with no others between, for vehemence or emphasis.
  Hamlet: Words, words, words...

He, he it was who spelled my doom.

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  Sources: Isidore 1.36.10; Peacham (1577) I3r; Fraunce (1588) 1.16 ("epizeuxis," "palilogia," "iteration"); Putt. (1589) 210 ("epizeuxis," "the underlay," "the coocko-spel"); Day 1599 85; Hoskins 1599 12

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