erotema  erotema
 e-ro-tem'-a Gk. "question"
interrogatio, interrogatum, rogatio
the questioner

The rhetorical question. To affirm or deny a point strongly by asking it as a question.
  Generally, as Melanchthon has noted, the rhetorical question includes an emotional dimension, expressing wonder, indignation, sarcasm, etc.
  Just why are you so stupid?
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  Sources: Ad Herennium 4.15.22 ("interrogatio"); Aquil. 11 ("erotema," "interrogatum"); Melanch. IR c7v ("interrogatio" "erotema"); Peacham (1577) L3v; Putt. (1589) 220 ("erotema," "questioner"); Day 1599 87 ("erotema," "interrogatio")

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