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Time and timeliness is a general concern of rhetoric:

  • kairos
    The opportune occasion for speech, including timing.
  • branches of oratory
    According to Aristotle Greek oratory was categorized according to three specific kinds of occasions, each of which he associated with a given time (past, present, future).
  • Progymnasmata: description, encomium, vituperation.
    For each of these basic rhetorical exercises a given time or season was suggested as possible subject matter to be described, praised, or blamed.

In addition, many specific figures address time:

  • chronographia
    the vivid depiction of a given time
  • hysteron proteron
    disorder of time
  • peristasis
    an amplification including circumstantial details such as time
  • prolepsis
    anticipating a future argument or event
  • enallage
    Of many possible grammatical substitutions, one may alter the tense of a given construction.
  • ampliatio
    Using the name of something or someone before it has obtained that name or after the reason for that name has ceased.

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