onomatopoeia onomatopoeia
 on-o-mat-o-pee'-a from Gk. onomos, "name" and poein, "to make"
nominatio, nominis confictio
the new namer

Using or inventing a word whose sound imitates that which it names (the union of phonetics and semantics).
  The buzzing of innumerable bees
The "zz" and "mm" sounds in these words imitate the actual sounds of bees.
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  Sources: Ad Herennium 4.31.42 ("nominatio"); Quintilian 8.6.31-33; Susenbrotus (1540) 10-11 ("onomatopoeia," "nominis confictio"); Peacham (1577) C4r; Putt. (1589) 192 ("onomatopeia," "the new namer"); Day 1599 79

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