procatalepsis procatalepsis
 pro-cat-a-lep'-sis Gk. "anticipation"
procatalipsis, prolepsis
praesumptio, praeoccupatio
anticipation, the presumptious,
the figure of presupposall

Refuting anticipated objections.
  IT is again objected as a very absurd ridiculous Custom, that a Set of Men should be suffered, much less employed and hired, to bawl one Day in Seven against the Lawfulness of those Methods most in use towards the Pursuit of Greatness, Riches and Pleasure, which are the constant Practice of all Men alive on the other Six. But this Objection is I think, a little unworthy so refined an Age as ours. Let us argue this Matter calmly; I appeal to the Breast of any polite Free Thinker, whether in the Pursuit of gratifying a predominant Passion, he hath not always felt a wonderful Incitement, by reflecting it was a Thing forbidden; And therefore we see, in order to cultivate this Taste, the Wisdom of the Nation hath taken special Care, that the Ladies should be furnished with Prohibited Silks, and the Men with Prohibited Wine; And indeed it were to be wisht, that some other Prohibitions were promoted, in order to improve the Pleasures of the Town, which for want of such Expedients begin already, as I am told, to flag and grow languid, giving way daily to cruel Inroads from the Spleen.
—Jonathan Swift, "Argument Against Abolishing Christianity"
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  Sources: Quintilian 9.2.16-17 ("praesumptio");Melanch. IR d2v-d3r ("praesumptio" "procatalipsis"); Peacham (1577) S3v; Putt. (1589) 239 ("procatalepsis," "the presumptious," "the figure of presupposall"); Day 1599 95 ("procatalepsis," "praeoccupatio")

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