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The forest of rhetoric is so crowded with flowers that it is sometimes better sampled selectively. Choose, then, the bouquet that suits you:
Choosing one of these will replace the right frame:

  • Comprehensive List (default; recommended)
  • By Language
    • Greek terms
      From Aristotle, Hermogenes, etc.
    • Latin terms
      From Cicero, Quintilian, etc.
    • English terms (least extensive)
      Includes anglicized Greek and Latin terms, plus the idiosyncratic labels of George Puttenham, and the more commonsense names of E.W. Bullinger
  • By Rhetorical Strategy Group (browse figures by their function: e.g.: "repetition" "balance")

Other Groupings of the Flowers

PLEASE NOTE: The flowers of rhetoric, though many, do not comprise all of the terms on this website. Please explore using the "trees" and the Search feature.

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