Abraham Fraunce
The Arcadian Rhetoricke (1588)
Rhetoric Timeline
Primary Source Synopses

1.1 What Rhetorike is
1.2 Of the metonymia of the cause
1.3 Of the metonymia of the thing caused
1.4 Of the metonymia of the subject
1.5 Of the metonymia of the adjunct
1.6 Of ironia
1.7 Of a metaphore
1.8 Of synecdoche of the part
1.9 Of synecdoche of the speciall
1.10 Of synecdoche of the integrall
1.11 Of synecdoche of the generall
1.12 Of figures
1.13 Of verse and rime
1.14 [Of verse or meter]
1.15 [Of poetry used in oratory and prose]
1.16 Of epizeuxis
1.17 Of anadiplosis
1.18 Of climax
1.19 Of anaphora
1.20 Of epistrophe
1.21 Of symploce
1.22 Of epanalepsis
1.23 Of epanodos
1.24 Of paronomasia
1.25 Of polyptoton
1.26 Of figures of sentences
1.27 Of exclamation
1.28 Of epanorthosis
1.29 Of aposiopesis
1.30 Of apostrophe
1.31 Of prosopopoia
1.32 Of addubitation
1.33 Of communication
1.34 Of praeoccupation
1.35 Of sufferance (permissio)
1.36 Of graunting (concessio)

2.1 Of utterance or pronunciation
2.2 Of the application of the voice to several affections
2.3 Of action or gesture of the whole body
2.4 Of gesture of the head, eyes, lips, etc.
2.5 Of gesture of the arms, hand, fingers, etc.
2.6 Of gesture of other parts of the body

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