Joannes Spauter [Ioannis Despauterius]
Syntaxis (Aberdoniae, 1623)
Rhetoric Timeline
Primary Source Synopses

Spauter incorporated a section on figurative language within this grammatical text on syntax. He emphasizes the various grammatical rules and permutations governed by these various figures within his short grammatial treatise. He divides figures into three categories: Figures of spelling, speech, and construction.

Figures of Spelling (Figurae dictionis)

(These are metaplasms or "transformations")

That Augment:
  1. prothesis
  2. epenthesis
  3. paragoge
  4. ectasis
  5. diaeresis

(Ectasis, he notes, amplifies time, not syllable, and so is not among these)

That diminish:

  1. aphaeresis
  2. syncopa
  3. apocope
  4. systole
  5. syneresis
  6. eclipsis
  7. synaloephe

(Systole, he notes, diminishes time, not syllable, and so is not among these)

That invert:

  1. antithesis
  2. metathesis

Figures of Speech (figurae locutionis)

Metonymy, etc.

Figures of Construction (figurae constructionis)

  1. appositio
  2. evocatio
  3. syllepsis (or Conceptio)
  4. prolepsis
  5. zeugma
  6. antiptosis
  7. synthesis
  8. synecdoche

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