English 4040

Schedule for Unit 3: Rhetorical Considerations


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Week 8: Another check up, and blogging as invention

Tues, March 7: Self-assessment and midterm reflective blogging due (see assignment on class blog)


Technology presentation:


Thurs., March 9: Blogging as invention space

Please read/view these before today’s class:

·        From Gregory Ulmer, Internet Invention


The Image of Wide Scope


The Process of Felt Making

Haiku Reason

Haiku Design


Also before class: Begin a blog entry that does something with one of these webpages (ie, uses it as inspiration, as model, as jumping off point,  as something to comment on, etc.)

Blogs-in-the-news presentation:

Weeks 9 & 10: Blogging voice: arrangement and style

Tues., March 14: Overview of voice

Please read/view these before today’s class:

·        Harvey @ Bad Example, “Finding Your Blog Voice

·        Toby @ Diva Marketing, “Your Blog Voice   

·        Michael Barbaro, “Wal-mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign

            Technology presentation


Thurs., March 16: Arrangement/format/design as aspects of voice         

Please read before today’s class:

·        Figures of order (from Gideon O. Burton, Silva Rhetoricae)

·        Amy Gahran, “Blogging Style: The Basic Posting Formats

And take a look at blog<styles>

Blogs-in-the-news presentation:


Tues., March 21: Style/tone as aspects of voice

            Please read before today’s class:

·        Style (from Gidoeon O. Burton, Silva Rhetoricae)

·        Geoffrey Nunberg, “Blogging in the Global Lunchroom

·        Two responses to Nunberg at Kairosnews       


            Technology presentation:


Thurs., March 23: Please blog on your own. I’ll be in Chicago, attending the Conference on College Composition and Communication. But I’ll have internet access, so I’ll be looking for new entries!