Sites on the Web Potentially Useful for Latin Students

Special Interest

  1. Kentucky Classics
  2. UK Libraries, Classical Study Guides
  3. Bluegrass Ancient Studies Seminar


  1. APGRD: Archive of Performance of Greek and Roman Drama (Oxford)
  2. Attalus: Greek and Roman history 320 - 61 B.C.
  3. Websites for Latin students and teachers
  4. Bibliotheca
  5. Classical Abbreviations
  6. Classical and Medieval History (Library of Congress Links)
  7. Classical Studies (Voice of the Shuttle)
  8. Classics Resources
  9. Classics Unveiled
  10. Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature
  11. De Imperatoribus Romanis: Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
  12. Easton Latin Online
  13. Electronic Resources for Classicists: Second Generation
  14. Encyclopedia Romana
  15. Forum Romanum
  16. Greek and Latin Language Resources
  17. Humanitas ac Pietas
  18. Indiana Classics Conference
  19. Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
  20. LacusCurtius: Roman World
  21. Latin Language and Literature (St. John’s)
  22. Latinitas in tela totius terrae
  23. LATO: Library of Ancient Texts On-Line (Emphasis on Greek Texts)
  24. Lingua Latina Aeterna (Russian, Ukrainian, English)
  25. Literary Resources: Classical and Biblical
  26. Livius: Articles on Ancient History
  27. (ebooks in Latin, free downloads)
  28. Maps of the Roman Empire
  29. Netserf: Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
  30. Orbis Latinus online
  31. Resources for Classical and Medieval Studies
  32. Roman Empire Net
  33. Roman History Reading Group
  34. Roman Sources
  35. Stoa Consortium
  36. Textkit: Greek and Latin Learning Tools
  37. Useful and Enjoyable Latin Links
  38. Vita Latinitatis
  39. Vox Latina
  40. VRoma

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  1. Internet Medieval Sourcebook
  2. Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
  3. Netserf: Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
  4. Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies
  5. Dag Norberg, Medieval Latin (trans. R. H. Johnson)
  6. The Orb: Medieval Studies

Dictionaries and Glossaries

  1. (franco-latin)
  2. Glossarium Philosophicum (Gualterius Redmond)
  3. Hypertext Medieval Glossary
  4. Lexicon Latinitatis (Vatican) [Italian/Latin]
  5. Lewis and Short Online (Perseus Project)
  6. Lynn Nelson’s Dictionary (Hong Kong)
  7. Notre Dame Archives: Latin Dictionary
  8. Pollux: Archimedes Project Dictionary Access
  9. Latinitas Recens
  10. Saxo Grammaticus (Medieval Latin)
  11. Smith and Hall (English-Latin)
  12. Vocabula Computatralia
  13. Vocabulary for Orberg's Lingua Latina I & II
  14. Word List for Petronius

Grammar and Rhetoric

  1. Allen and Greenough
  2. Bennett, New Latin Grammar (e-book, free download)
  3. Notre Dame Archives: Grammar
  4. Ohio State's Latin Home Page: Grammar
  5. Silva Rhetoricae

Study Helps

  1. Classical Language Instruction Project (Latin and Greek pronunciation)
  2. Drills for Oxford Latin (by chapter)
  3. Internet Workbook for OLC
  4. Practice Dictionary
  5. Google in Latin
  6. Latin Derivatives, English Words from Latin
  7. Latin Reading and Study Groups
  8. Lingua Latina (texts)
  9. OLC Practice Quizzes (Part I)
  10. OLC Study Guide

Schools and Societies

  1. Academia Latinitati Fovendae (ALF)
  2. American Classical League
  3. American Philological Association
  4. Circulus Latinus Panormitanus
  5. Classical Association of the Empire State
  6. Classical Association of the Middle West and South
  7. Committee for the Promotion of Latin
  8. Latinitas Foundation
  9. Marco Institute, University of Tennessee
  10. Scholarly Societies Project: Classical Studies
  11. Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature (SORGLL)
  12. Texas Classical Association
  13. Vergilius: Vergilian Society


  1. Medieval Latin Paleography

Primary Sources

  1. Bibliotheca Augustiana
  2. Bibliotheca Latina
  3. Carmena Burana
  4. Contemporary Latin Poetry
  5. Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum (
  6. Gesta Romanorum
  7. Internet Classics Archive (MIT)
  8. Intratext Digital Library: Lingua Latina
  9. Italian Poetry in Latin (13th-16th century)
  10. Latin Library
  11. Latino Vivo
  12. Library of Humanistic Texts (University of Birmingham)
  13. Litterae: Medieval and Classical Authors
  14. Perseus Project
  15. Philological Museum
  16. Classici Latini
  17. Books

Vulgate and Biblical Studies

  1. Bible Research: Internet Resources for Students of Scripture
  2. Bibles Before the Year 1000
  3. Biblia Sacra Vulgata
  4. Biblon 2000 Project (Greek NT/Vulgate)
  5. Clementine Vulgate On-line
  6. Clemintine Vulgate Project
  7. Douay-Rheims/Latin Vulgate Bible
  8. Douay-Rheims translation of Vulgate
  9. Early Christian Writings
  10. Early Church Fathers
  11. Fathers of the Church (works, links)
  12. Gnostic Society Library
  13. Greek Texts On-Line
  14. Hagiography by Thomas Head
  15. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate (405 AD)
  16. Labyrinth Latin Bookcase
  17. Lexington Theological Seminary, library
  18. Medieval Christianity and Ecclesiatical Sources
  19. Nova Vulgata
  20. Vetus Latina Database
  21. Vulgate (ed. St. Jerome) on Perseus;layout=;loc=Genesis%201.1;query=toc

Individual Authors

  1. St. Augustine: Confessions
  2. St. Augustine: Opera Omnia
  3. Bede: Ecclesiastical History
  4. Boethius
  5. Catullus on the Web
  6. Catullus: the Poems (trans. Kline)
  7. Catullus (Negenborn)
  8. Cicero Homepage
  9. Cicero, Seneca, etc.
  10. Erasmus: Enchiridion
  11. Erasmus Online, Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies
  12. Erasmus: Selections (Gutenberg)
  13. Erasmus: Text Project (Univ. of the South)
  14. Erasmus potpourri (Adagia, Colloquia, etc.)
  15. Holberg, Niels Klim (1741)
  16. Horace, by T. Martin (Project Gutenberg, E-book)
  17. Horace, Odes (Conington)
  18. Horace, Selected Odes, and more (Gilleland)
  19. Petrarca, De viris illustribus;pt=126
  20. Petronius, Satyricon
  21. Pliny the Younger
  22. Tertullian Project http://www.tertullian. org/


  1. Analytical Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Titles (University of Birmingham)
  2. Horace, Biography and Bibliography
  3. Medieval Latin: An Introductory Bibliography
  4. Vergil, Bibliographic Guide to the Aeneid

Greek and Roman Mythology

  1. Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources
  2. Classical Mythology: Student Resources
  3. Encyclopedia Mythica
  4. Greek Mythology Page (Carlos Parada)
  5. Theoi Guide to Greek Mythology
  6. Theoi Project Myth Library

Latin on the Radio

  1. Nuntii Latini ab Radiophonia Bremensi
  2. Radiophonia Finnica Generalis

Newspapers and Journals

  1. Classical Journal
  2. CPL Forum On-Line
  3. Ephemeris
  4. Melissa

Images of Antiquity

  1. Ambrose Collection (Univ. of Vermont)
  2. Diotima: Art Collections
  3. Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
  4. Perseus: Art and Archaeology

Latin Sites in Italian

  1. Antiquitas
  2. Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo
  3. Biblioteca dei Classici Italiani
  4. Dizionario di Abbreviature Latini ed Italiani (Cappelli)
  5. Erasmus, Elogio della Follia (LiberLiber)
  6. Istituto Storico Italiano per il Medioevo
  7. Rassegna degli Strumenti Informatici per lo Studio dell'Antichità Classica
  8. Reti Medievali
  10. University of Bologna: Fonti Letterarie
  11. Accademia Vivarium Novum


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