ellipsis ellipsis
 el-lip'-sis from Gk. elleipein, "to come short"
Also sp. elipsis, elleipsis, eclipsis
figure of default

Omission of a word or short phrase easily understood in context.

"The average person thinks he isn't." Father Larry Lorenzoni
The term "average" is omitted but understood after "isn't."

John forgives Mary and Mary, John.
Note that the comma signals what has been elided, "forgives"

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  Sources: Quintilian 9.3.58, 8.6.21 ("eclipsis"); Susenbrotus (1540) 25 ("eclipsis"); Sherry (1550) 31 ("eclipsis," "defectus"); Peacham (1577) E3v ("eclipsis"); Putt. (1589) 175 ("eclipsis," "figure of default"); Day 1599 81 ("eclipsis")

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