episynaloephe episynaloephe
 ep'-i-sin-a-lif'-a from Gk. synaleiphein, "to smear or melt together"
Also sp. episynaloepha

Blending two syllables together into one (rather than simply omitting one of two neighboring vowels [=synaloepha]). The opposite of diaeresis. A kind of metaplasm.
  Fixerit ripedem [instead of aripedem] cervam —Vergil, Georgics
Related Figures

  • diaeresis
    Dividing one syllable into two.
  • metaplasm
  • syncope
    Cutting letters or syllables from the middle of a word
  • ecthlipsis
    The omission or elision of letters or syllables (often the consonant "m" and the vowel that precedes it) for the sake of poetical meter.
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  Sources: Mosellanus ("episynaloephe" "conglutinatio") a3v

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