metaphor metaphora
 met’-a-phor from meta “beyond, over” and pherein “to carry”
translation, figure of transport

A comparison made by referring to one thing as another.

No man is an island —John Donne

For ever since that time you went away
I've been a rabbit burrowed in the wood —Maurice Sceve

Life is a beach.

Who captains the ship of state?

Related Figures
  • simile
    Like a metaphor, a simile involves making a comparison (except it does so explicitly).
  • catachresis
  • allegory
    An allegory is an extended metaphor that goes through a whole narrative.
Related Topics of Invention
  • Comparison
    Since a metaphor is based on an implied comparison, it is most closely related to this topic of invention.
  • Similarity / Difference
    Since this topic of invention often takes the form of arguing by analogy, it is related to the figure metaphor since a metaphor is a kind of analogy.
See Also

  • Pathos
    Because metaphors are often concrete and sensory, they can affect the audience's emotions.
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