synathroesmus  synathroesmus
 sin-ath-res'-mus Gk. "a collection, union"
Also sp. synathroismos, sinathrismus
the heaping figure

  1. The conglomeration of many words and expressions either with similar meaning (= synonymia) or not (= congeries).
  2. A gathering together of things scattered throughout a speech (= accumulatio)
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  Sources: Rutil. 1.2; Peacham (1577) T3v (#2—"frequentatio"); Sherry (1550) 50 (#2—"sinathrismus," "frequentacio," "frequentacion"); Putt. (1589) 243 (#1—"sinathrismus," "the heaping figure"); Day 1599 92 (#1—"sinathrismus")

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