con'-ger-eez Lat. "heap," "pile"

Piling up words of differing meaning but for a similar emotional effect.
  Often congeries is simply the Latin term for synathroesmus ("collection"). However, the Latin term seems to emphasize the emotional amplification of such an accumulation, making congeries akin to climax and grouped among both the Figures of Pathos and the Figures of Amplification (Thus Melanchthon distinguishes incrementum [climax] as a kind of congeries). If the piling up occurs by rapidly touching on one thing and then another, congeries may be considered a type of epitrochasmus.Some authorities equate congeries with synonymia (as Melanchthon 1523 D1r; 1531 D4v-E1r))
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  Sources: Quint 8.4.3, 8.4.26-27; Melanch. IR d1r-v ("congeries" "interpretatio" "synathroesmus" "epitrochasmus"); Melanch. ER D4v-E1r ("congeries" "synonymia"); Peacham (1577) Q2r

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