tra-duk'-ti-o L. “transference”
traduccio, traduccion

Repeating the same word variously throughout a sentence or thought.
  Some authorities restrict traductio further to mean repeating the same word but with a different meaning (see ploce, antanaclasis, and diaphora), or in a different form (=polyptoton. See Puttenham). If the repeated word occurs in parallel fashion at the beginnings of phrases or clauses, it becomes anaphora; at the endings of phrases or clauses, epistrophe.
  A person who has nothing more in life to be desired than life itself is incapable of cultivating a virtuous life.Ad Herennium
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  Sources: Ad Herennium 4.14.20 (both the general and the more restricted senses); Sherry (1550) 48 ("epanodus," "traduccio," "traduccion"); Peacham (1577) I3v; Putt. (1589) 213 ("traductio," "the tranlacer")

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