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A measure of the scholarly significance of a born-digital web resource such as Silva Rhetoricae is the extent to which it is recommended as a research resource (and secondarily, as a teaching resource) by experts and specialists within academic fields.

It is evident by the numerous citations to Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric that are grouped by scholarly discipline here that this web resource has become a widely recognized tool for numerous scholars across a variety of academic fields of inquiry.

Rhetoric and Communication Studies

  Rhetoric (General) | Communication | History of Rhetoric | Rhetoric and Composition Studies | Creative Writing | Educational Technology | Media Studies

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  Literary Studies (General) | Linguistics / Stylistics / Philology | Early Modern Studies | American Literature


  Humanities (General) | Medieval Studies

Classical Studies

  Classical Studies (Greek and Latin Language and Literature) | Translation



Social Sciences

  Sociology | Psychology

Legal Studies


Biblical Studies