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Humanities Studies

      Humanities (General)
  Medieval Studies
See also the recommendations from Literary Studies and Classical Studies


University of Pennsylvania- Faculty Prep Center
Listed under "Web pages of particular interest to the School of Arts and Sciences"

University of Pennsylvania– Website of Professor Michael Gamer
Listed under "Humanities"

University of Pennsylvania- School of Arts and Sciences Listed under "Arts and Literature"

University of Iowa Dept. of Communication Studies
Listed under "Humanities Resources" and "Writers' Tools"
Högskolebiblioteket (Swedish library)
Humbul Humanities Web
Listed under "Linguistics of Ancient and Classical Languages"
University of Toronto at Scarborough Humanities Web Resources
Listed under "English Literature"
University of California, Irvine -- Humanitech
("HumaniTech is a link...that connects Humanities with technology by serving Humanities faculty in the discussion, incorporation, problem solving, and facilitation of technology in their teaching and research.)
Listed under "Humanities on the Web"
University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences
  Website of Professor Michael Gamer (Assoc. Prof. of English)
Listed under “Humanities Tools”

Medieval Studies

The British Academy Portal -- Medieval Studies
Detailed Record:
Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, UK History Dept.
Listed under “Medieval History on the World Wide Web / Research Tools / Intellectual History”
Columbia University Interdepartmental Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Listed under “Misc. Medieval”