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A topic of invention that invites one to consider the larger group to which something belongs, often as a way of referring to the similarities or differences it has with other members of that group.

Closely related to Division, this topic is often used in ascertaining the specific issue to be discussed (a procedure called "stasis"). "Definition" is sometimes considered synonymous with, sometimes the larger category embracing another common topic of invention, "Genus / Species".

  When accused of not being a Christian, she responded that she believed in and followed the teachings of Jesus, and if that wasn't Christian, what was?
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  Sources: Cic. Top. 5.26-7.32; Suarez 11r-12r

Genus and Species
A topic of invention by which one identifies a given thing as being part of a larger class ("genus"), sharing the properties of other members of that class.
  Like other crimes against society, littering should be strongly punished.
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  Sources: Cic. Top. 3.13-14, 9.39-40; Suarez 13r

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