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Enargia is the general term for employing description within rhetoric (see also the various Greek and Latin synonyms for this, below). Various kinds of description are also specified with individual terms.

General Figures of Description:

  Principal Greek terms: Latin synonyms:
  • descriptio
  • demonstratio
  • evidentia
  • adumbratio
  • representatio
Specific Kinds of Description
  • topographia
    Description of a place.
  • astrothesia
    A vivid description of stars
  • prosopographia
    The vivid description of someone's face or character; or, the description of feigned or imaginary characters.
  • ethopoeia
    The description and portrayal of a character (natural propensities, manners and affections, etc.)
  • pragmatographia
    Description of an action; a reported narrative.
  • chronographia
    Vivid representation of a certain historical or recurring time (such as
    a season)
  • characterismus
    Description of a person's character.
  • effictio
    A verbal depiction of someone's body, often from head to toe.
  • icon
    A figure which paints the likeness of a person by imagery.
  • peristasis
    A description of attendant circumstances.
  • chorographia
    The description of a particular nation.
  • geographia
    Vivid representation of the earth.
  • anemographia
    Description of the wind.
  • dendrographia
    Description of a tree.
  • topothesia
    Description of an imaginary place
  • hydrographia
    Description of water.

Related Figures

Related Topics of Invention

  • Subject and Adjuncts
    Since description typically takes the form of delineating the attributes of something, it thereby employs this topic of invention, by which one identifies the characteristics (or adjuncts) of a given subject.
  • Division
    Often description takes the form of dividing out and naming the parts of that which is described, and therefore this topic of invention is employed within descriptions.
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